Wow, this hasn't exactly gone the way I'd anticipated...

So, for anyone who might actually be paying attention, it's been a while since I've posted anything here. I've been intending to start regular posts for a while, and now that I'm about to graduate (7 days!!! Cant' wait.) perhaps I'll actually have some time to share my various projects with, again, anyone who happens to be listening out there...

Also, if you happen to stumble upon this little post here in the epic void that is the blogosphere, you should check out my buddy S's awesome new blog over at She's all about living a frugal yet fun life on a post-grad budget, something I plan on trying myself. Plus, chances are Miss S. will be much more regular and reliable about her posting.

Hopefully there will soon be someone out there whom I'm actually talking to, but until, I address this to that vapid void

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  1. Anonymous6/06/2011

    Thanks for the link! Hopefully we'll be able to motivate each other to keep at it!